Enhanced Geothermal

Protect your geothermal investment with Enhanced Geothermal from HybridGeo: better efficiency and stable ground loop temperatures. Cool your loops!

Our patented Heat Rejection Module is designed to be used with both new and existing ground loop geothermal systems. HybridGeo has installed hundreds of geothermal systems over our 30-year history.

For existing ground loop systems that are experiencing reduced efficiency due to gradually increasing ground loop temperatures, our Heat Rejection Module is the best remedy. By installing our scalable, modular unit with an existing system, you can bring your ground loops back to optimal operating temperatures.

For new ground loop geothermal systems, adding a Heat Rejection Module into your design will prevent your ground loops from warming up over time. Contact us for more information!

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How it Works

Lower utility bills, smaller carbon footprint, and free pool heating in the spring and fall. What’s not to love?

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Energy Savings

Getting started on a pool geothermal system is easy: we’ll connect you with a local system installer.

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System Benefits

The Pool Geothermal System featuring HybridGeo technology is elegant and effective. Check out how it works.

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