Lake/Pond Geothermal

For homes near a lake, our Lake Geothermal System is the industry-leading geothermal option.

The HybridGeo Lake Geothermal System uses three components: a lake or large pond, a geothermal heat pump, and a Submersible Heat Exchanger.

Like a swimming pool in a Pool Geothermal System, a lake or large pond near a home can be used to transfer heat out of the home in the summertime and into the home during the wintertime. Since the energy storage capacity of lakes and ponds is much greater than the standard-sized pool, our Lake Geothermal Systems do not require a Heat Rejection Module. Instead, we provide the patented HybridGeo Submersible Heat Exchanger.

The HybridGeo Submersible Heat Exchanger is far superior to other geothermal equipment available today. Most other providers of lake systems utilize large bundles of tubing that are strapped together, weighted, and sunk to the bottom of a lake. These systems usually suffer a range of problems, including kinks in the tubing and drifting due to currents. Also, these systems are extremely difficult to bring to the surface for maintenance and service.

In contrast, our Submersible Heat Exchanger is compact and highly efficient, and does not experience drifting due to currents. Its design eliminates the possibility of kinks in tubing, and its onboard ballast system makes it easy to retrieve for routine service. Only available from HybridGeo partners, our Submersible Heat Exchangers are the best technology for Lake Geothermal Systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lake Geothermal Systems featuring HybridGeo technology, contact us today!

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How it Works

Lower utility bills, smaller carbon footprint, and free pool heating in the spring and fall. What’s not to love?

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Energy Savings

Getting started on a pool geothermal system is easy: we’ll connect you with a local system installer.

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System Benefits

The Pool Geothermal System featuring HybridGeo technology is elegant and effective. Check out how it works.

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