Turn your pool into an asset that lowers your utility bills.

Our Pool Geothermal Systems are far more affordable than traditional ground loop geothermal systems, but they’re just as effective.

Homeowners with a Pool Geothermal System featuring HybridGeo technology see big reductions in their utility bills: up to 35% on cooling costs and up to 80% on heating costs. As an added benefit, these systems provide free pool heating in the spring and fall, and they reduce your home’s carbon footprint substantially. Click to learn more about the benefits of having a Pool Geothermal System.

With no drilling required, a certified HybridGeo partner can quickly design and install your Pool Geothermal System. The system consists of three main components: a geothermal heat pump, our patented Heat Rejection Module, and your swimming pool. The system uses the pool to cool your home in the summer and heat your home in the winter – and the Heat Rejection Module ensures your pool stays at a comfortable temperature during swimming season.

Pool Geothermal Systems featuring HybridGeo technology are designed and installed by our partners. We’ll connect you with the right partner in your area if you contact us today.

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System Details

Lower utility bills, smaller carbon footprint, and free pool heating in the spring and fall. What’s not to love?

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Energy Savings

Getting started on a pool geothermal system is easy: we’ll connect you with a local system installer.

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System Benefits

The Pool Geothermal System featuring HybridGeo technology is elegant and effective. Check out how it works.

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