Benefits of Pool Geothermal

If you want geothermal and you have a pool, HybridGeo is the best option. Ours is the only comprehensive Pool Geothermal System: we deliver system design, installation, testing, maintenance and ongoing support.

HybridGeo is the only complete residential geothermal system that utilizes a swimming pool to cool the home in the summertime and heat a home in the wintertime.

This complete system includes:
  • Consultation and estimate
  • Design and engineering
  • All necessary equipment
  • Installation and testing
  • Safe operating instruction
  • Equipment warranty
  • Optional ongoing maintenance plans
The benefits of a Pool Geothermal System featuring HybridGeo technology:
  • Reduced cooling costs by up to 35%
  • Reduced heating costs by up to 80%
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Free pool heating in the spring and fall
  • Local certified installer
  • No more noisy A/C condensing units
  • Far more affordable than traditional ground loop geothermal systems
  • State and federal rebates available

Pool Geothermal Systems featuring HybridGeo technology are the ideal energy efficiency upgrade for pool owners. If you are considering other green options for your home, such as solar panels or insulation upgrades, a Pool Geothermal System is an option you should definitely consider. These systems drastically increase the efficiency of your HVAC system using the swimming pool you already own.

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