Pool Geothermal Systems

Get more from your swimming pool! Our system uses pool water to heat and cool your home and maintains a comfortable pool temperature during swimming season.

HybridGeo is the leading provider of affordable geothermal systems that enable homeowners to use their swimming pool to significantly reduce utility bills. Designed around our patented Heat Rejection Module, the quiet and unobtrusive HybridGeo equipment can be installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional geothermal systems. Traditional geothermal systems require drilling expensive ground loops and require a significant amount of land for these loops. Pool Geothermal Systems do not require any drilling at all.

Our systems use your swimming pool to transfer heat out of the home in the summertime and into the home in the wintertime. These systems are far more efficient that traditional HVAC systems, reducing both heating and cooling costs while providing free pool heating in the spring and fall. Moreover, installing one of our systems significantly reduces a home’s carbon footprint.




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