About Geothermal

Geothermal heating and cooling is the process of transferring heat energy between a home and the earth.

During the summertime, the home is warmer than the earth, so heat can be absorbed by the earth from the home. During the wintertime, a geothermal system will pull warmth from the earth and use it to heat the home.

There are many types of geothermal systems; HybridGeo uses what is called a hybrid geothermal system design, using the traditional geothermal heating and cooling process in combination with a body of water: either a swimming pool or a nearby lake.

HybridGeo’s system design is better for several reasons. First of all, it does not require drilling any expensive ground loops (these are required with traditional geothermal systems). Second, it delivers additional benefits to homeowners beyond reduced utility costs, the most notable of which is free pool heating during the spring and fall.

HybridGeo and our partners have installed hundreds of these systems around the country. For more information about geothermal heating and cooling, contact us today!

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