How Pool Geothermal Works

HybridGeo Pool Geothermal Systems transfer heat between a house and the earth via a swimming pool.

This technique of transferring heat energy enables the system to cool the house in the summertime and heat the house in the wintertime. Here’s how it works.


The system transfers the heat from your home into the earth via the pool. The system uses cool swimming pool water to absorb heat from the home, thereby cooling the home but also warming the water. Then, the water passes through our patented Heat Rejection Module to be cooled back down before returning to the pool, thereby keeping the swimming pool at a comfortable temperature.


In heating mode, the system works the opposite way from cooling mode: instead of transferring heat from the house to the earth, it transfers heat from the earth to the house. This efficient energy transfer will work as long as the pool remains over 40 degrees Fahrenheit; two processes keep the pool above this point. First, sunlight will help keep your pool warm. Second, heat will conduct into the pool from the earth around it, because below its surface the earth remains at an almost constant 55 degrees year-round.

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