Our Technology

HybridGeo enables our partners to provide homeowners with a complete hybrid geothermal equipment package: equipment, design, installation and support. No other company delivers a comprehensive Pool Geothermal System package like HybridGeo does. For more information about our technology and its applications, please contact us.

Heat Rejection Module

At the core of our Pool Geothermal System is a patented technology called the Heat Rejection Module. This technology is critical because it enables the system to cool and heat a home while keeping the pool at a comfortable swimming temperature during swimming season. It also extends the swimming season by providing free pool heating during the spring and fall.

Main Features
Quiet Operation
Light Weight and Compact Footprint
Minimal Water Consumption
Corrosion Resistant
Low Maintenance
Submersible Lake Heat Exchanger

Our Lake Heat Exchanger is a high efficiency heat exchanger designed for lake, pond, and river use. We have designed the Lake Heat Exchanger as a modular system that is the easiest to install and maintain in the industry. HybridGeo has also patented our unique Submersible Heat Exchanger technology. This unique technology is the most efficient and practical means of installing a geothermal system that uses a nearby lake instead of costly ground loops. Learn more on our Lake Geothermal Systems page.

Main Features
Compact Footprint
Low Profile
Easy to Install and Maintain

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